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King of the blues

King of the blues

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Humpback whale males are the most prolific singers of the baleen whale family. 
Some say they sing songs to court females, others reckon they make sounds to stay in contact with nearby pods.
Humpbacks migrate from Arctic waters down to the coast of Africa and marine biologists have concluded that they have their own music culture after recording that East and West coast pods sing different songs !
During the whaling era 90% of their numbers were wiped out, but thankfully in recent years their population numbers have started to grow again. 
Along with Southern Right whales Humpbacks are the most commonly spotted whales in South Africa. 

Our fabric has been given a long last finish to give extra wear. 5% Spandex gives extra comfort and helps keep the shape of this carefully crafted garment over time. Inks are all formaldehyde free and meet highest eco standards. T-shirts are branded with a small clip logo on the sleeve.


Fabric: 180g, 95% combed cotton, 5% spandex

Fit: semi fitted with a bound neckline

Proudly made in South Africa